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Library of Documents and Links Related to Coastal Management
  Ecological Forecasting: New Tools for Coastal and Marine Ecosystem Management NOAA Technical Memorandum 2003
  Comprehensive Everglades Restoration Project (CERP) Report to Congress 2005, 115 pages (PDF)
  CERP Fact Sheet - 2 pages (PDF)
  Restoration of Coastal Wetlands/Estuarine Ecosystems; GOMA White Paper; June 2005, 8 pages (PDF)
  Identification and Characterization of Gulf of Mexico Habitats to Support Management Actions in the Gulf of Mexico; GOMA White Paper; May 2005, 8 pages (PDF)
  The Ecological Condition of Estuaries in
the Gulf of Mexico; USGS; July 1999; 80 pages, (PDF)
  Gulf of Mexico Summitt - Governors - Agenda; March 2006, 4 pages (PDF)
  Governors' Action Plan for the Gulf of Mexico; GOMA; March 2006, 34 Pages (PDF)
  Gulf of Mexico Coastal Condition (From The National Coastal Condition report) 2001; 26 Pages (PDF) PRINTED
  Gulf of Mexico Coastal Condition (From The National Coastal Condition report) 2005; 36 Pages (PDF) PRINTED
  Coastal Ecosystems of the Gulf of Mexico and Climate Change; Year?; 22 Pages (PDF) PRINTED
  Integrated Assessment of the Climate Change Impacts on the Gulf Coast Region; GCRCC; June 2003; 241 pages (PDF)
  INNOVATION BY DESIGN Improving Learning Networks in Coastal Management; The H. John Heinz III Center; 2004, 137 Pages (PDF)
  Coast 2050: Toward a Sustainable Coastal Louisiana; Louisiana Coastal Wetlands Conservation and Restoration Task Force; 1998, 173 Pages (PDF) PRINTED
  National Coastal Condition Report II (Fact Sheet); EPA; Jan. 2005. 2 Pages, (PDF) PRINTED
  Seagrasses in Northern Gulf of Mexico: An Ecosystem in Trouble - Factsheet; USGS; June 2000, 2 Pages (PDf) PRINTED
  National Assessment Of Shoreline Change: Part 1 The U.S. Gulf Of Mexico; USGS; 2004, 44 Pages, (PDF)
Presentations Implementing the U.S. Ocean Action Plan in the Gulf of Mexico
Meeting of the Gulf of Mexico States and Federal Officials; June 2005 (PowerPoint)
Data Tools EPA EnviroMapper for Water
  National Wetlands Inventory - Map Viewer
  The NOAA Data Explorer
  The Gulf of Mexico Viewer
Links EPA Wetlands, Oceans, & Watersheds Website
  How EPA Protects Beaches
  NOAA Coastal Management Website
  Marine Proteced Areas of the United States
  Fish and Wildlife Service - Ecological Services
  NOAA Ecological Forecasting Website
  NASA National Applications - Ecological Forecasting
  NCCOS Ecological Forecasting Program
  National Biological Information Infrastructure (NBII)
  USGS Ecological Forecasting Page
  Remote Sensing for Ecosystem Assessment RSEA
  Intermountain Region Digital Image Archive Center (IRDIAC)
  Gulf of Mexico Alliance Working Website